As a young person growing up in Wisconsin, I was always attracted to art history  I can remember reading and rereading different portions.  Later on after high school, I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  While I was there I studied a lot of Asian and Eastern art history electives, and I also loved mid century paintings.  In painting and drawing courses I initially studied figure drawing, and then my senior year I was privileged to study with Karl Wirsum.  He was a really laid back instructor, yet at the same time brought out a lot of great things in his students.  After art school I became somewhat lost in the miasma of day to day work life and took up playing the piano for several years.  I worked as a carpenter and then at a sawmill, which taught me a solid work ethic.  There was a lot which was lying dormant which eventually broke out into the many different paintings and prints I have done.  There is still so much to explore and enjoy, and I am still developing.  But I am excited to see where things go!