Inspire – Provoke – Awaken



“Making art is a way for me to express my enjoyment of life and how I interact with it daily. I am moved by the small harmonies found everywhere and by the realization that our lives are fleeting and the need to find joy and beauty wherever we can. If we learn to see beyond the obvious, we can find beauty in unexpected places and from unexpected materials.”

Working in mixed-media collage allows an intuitive and spontaneous approach using ordinary materials such as paper and ephemera that have been repurposed to create works of art that always present the opportunity to change and evolve.

I begin by layering paper, adding paint and using a variety of mark-making tools such as graphite, wax pastels, handmade stamps and ink.  The papers I work with are my pallet from which I “paint” until a pleasing composition is achieved. Some are handmade paper I have made myself, some are stained, painted and altered papers while others are book pages that have been repurposed.  When something interesting emerges, I interact with that. Out of chaos comes beauty and harmony.”



Elizabeth Hogensen is a mixed media artist living in rural Brooklyn, Wisconsin.

A former librarian and social worker, Elizabeth has had a lifelong passion for creating art and has recently found expression in mixed media collage informed by participation in workshops and classes with inspiring artists in the area and around the country.