Born in Annapolis, Maryland, but raised just outside of Milwaukee, Kyle’s passion for photography began when he would visit his grandparents and look out at the beautiful Chesapeake Bay sunsets from their backyard. Since his early days shooting on film, Kyle has become an experienced photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. In addition to having had his photography on display in various State Street coffee shops, Kyle also has pieces at Gallery 319 in Wausau, WI, as well as at the Wausau Center for Visual Arts.

Kyle is a student at UW-Madison in his supersenior year finishing his double major in both Geosciences and Geological Engineering. Kyle has a deep interest in environmental policy and sustainable manufacturing. He spent two years working at the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability, one year working with both the Wisconsin Energy Institute and the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, and even helped develop and expand a non-profit called “UpTica”!

Within his art, Kyle likes to manipulate the natural environment, incorporate abstract elements, and bring into light his perspective on the world. So take the journey, and turn the everyday ordinary into something extraordinary.