Hello!  My name is Daniel Schulze and I have lived in Richland County nearly my whole life.  I have been working with pottery for four semesters at Richland Center High School in the Hand and Wheel class.  It was hard at first and I didn’t like it, but now that I know what to do I’m able to help other students learn.  I like the creative process of making new pottery and how everything can be different.  I have learned how to make a variety of useful objects: plates, bowls, vases, mugs, bird houses, covered dishes and chip and dip dishes.  I look forward to improving my skills in the coming years and learning to make other useful objects that are also a pleasure to look at.

Buying my own wheel this summer is my current goal with plans to make or buy my own kiln in the future.  When I have my own wheel I can increase my production and start going to craft shows and fairs.  Someday I would like to be able to offer full sets of matched dishes that are fun to use and look at.  Another goal I have is to make a giant vase.  I appreciate the opportunity to display and sell my creations here at the Red Door Gallery.